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Writing exercise : royal court.

Marwan is a magnificent wizard, he is the most powerful magician in the kingdom of Mani. Like most respectable wizards Marwan sports a giant beard, it extends the width of his face past his neck to rest on his chest. He dresses in purple…

September 18, 2017
Book Local

Half past 2017

So let’s talk about 2017,  has it been as crazy for you as it has for me? The first 6 months have gone by so fast for me. Hence, it is definetly time to post an update on what’s been going on with writing,…

July 9, 2017

My first doodle

I am completely blocked on the writing front. My novel in 90 days challenge came to a screeching halt as soon as I left for London. Instead of wallowing in the darkness, I’ve decided to branch out and try some creative cartooning to help…

February 7, 2017

90 Day Novel Challenge

What better way to start the year than with a challenge? I printed and signed a contract to challenge myself to finish writing my novel in 90 days. In the contract I have agreed to complete a writing assignment everyday for the next 90 days,…

January 1, 2017
Local News Write

Support Local Authors

Dear Internet, Distributing my book in Bahrain has been an uphill struggle. It has been my experience that not many book sellers and distrbutors in Bahrain want to promote local writers and that is such a shame. The reality is that most Bahraini writer’s…

December 28, 2016
Inspiration News Write

Begin New

2016 is almost at an end and while this has been a rough year in headlines, I must count my blessings because I have done what I set out to do and more. Visiting japan was one of the things I have always wanted…

December 26, 2016

524 Days Later

It’s been almost 2 years since I started the journey to publish my children’s pop-up book. I have always been the type of person who inadvertently takes the road less travelled. I say inadvertently because when I do set out it’s not the thirst for adventure or discovering…

October 8, 2016
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The Magic of Books

Some of my favorite childhood memories were those spent reading my favorite books, books with characters and adventures that have shaped my imagination and creativity. I’m very happy to see that my kids both love books and am especially thrilled with how my eldest always…

February 4, 2016

Salon de Lilou

Get ready to be transported to a different era with Cafe Lilou’s newest branch, opening up across from Riffa Views in the RUW corner. The inspiration for the decor of the cafe is the Parisian Salon, where intellectuals and artists gathered to discuss philosophy art and…

January 27, 2016