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10 Books I would eventually like to write

April 28, 2015

kaboompics.com_Book_ chapter six

After finding the perfect writing space, step two is where the magic happens. This is a list of the next 10 potential books I’d like to write.

1- 3. An epic fantasy trilogy set in a realm of dragons, magic, warriors and Jinn.

4. Dancing with Abayas a middle eastern take on Bridget Jones diary.

6-8. Sinbad 3050, a steampunk saga of an airship sailor and his adventures exploring the world.

9. The keepers of time, a sci-fi young adult novel about a group of teens that find an alien artifact which sends them on a harrowing journey into alternate realities and timelines. Can they find their way back home?

10. Little island, big fort, a children’s pop-up adventure set in Bahrain.

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