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Essential travel gear

July 12, 2015


These are my essential summer travel items, everything you need to make it the other side of the Atlantic on your family vacation.

1. Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise canceling headphones, because i don’t need another wireless device to have to worry about charging and the sound from these babies can drown out even the most persistent are we there yet and how much longer queries. Available at the Bose showroom in city center.

2. Evian’s Natural Mineral Facial Spray to keep your face hydrated on that 12 hour+ flight so that when you land your pores don’t look like moon craters, available at most supermarkets and pharamacies.

3. Eve Lom daily protection + spf 50 because radiation exposure increases on high altitude flights. Available at Net-a-porter.

4. By Terry baume de Rose Flaconnette lip protectant to keep your lips hydrated and avoid arriving at your destination with chapped lips available at Net-a-porter.

5. This works in transit no traces 60 pads, developed especially for travel these rosewater and mint infused pads are the only make up removing pads I use. They clean moisturize and restore Ph balance, especially handy for night flights. Available at Net-a-porter.

6.Umberto Giannini Glam Hair Morning After Dry Shampoo keeps your hair fresh and bouncy, spray on before your pilot makes his final approach to avoid arriving with flat lifeless hair available at Boots.

7.Kora Organics Recovery eye gel cream keeps the delicate eye area firm and hydrated to avoid the tired and puffy eye look that the other passengers will be sporting. Available at Net-a-porter.

8. The Baby zen Yoyo stroller is the only truly compact travel stroller that when folded fully complies with size recommendations for cabin luggage. No more check your buggy at the gate and hope it arrives in one piece. Available at Mothercare (seef & city center) and Doe A Dear.

9.Kidz gear volume limit headphones so that you don’t have to constantly check on your minions while they are watching a movie or playing with their iPads. Available at ToysAreUs and Virgin megastore.

10. My little seat is a very compact and light infant travel chair 6 months+. The seat comes in a small zip case and can fit most dinning chairs, ideal for those times you can’t find a high chair. Available at Rock-a-bye-baby.


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