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Half past 2017

July 9, 2017

So let’s talk about 2017,  has it been as crazy for you as it has for me? The first 6 months have gone by so fast for me. Hence, it is definetly time to post an update on what’s been going on with writing, doodling and my book.

Meeting the Readers

Getting the opportunity to meet with all the young readers who have read my book has been great. I enjoyed visiting Bayan and Riffa Views school, reading my book to the students and most of all answering all their questions. I would like to thank Riffa Views International school, and especially their librarian Ms. Trina Roth who set-up a reading and crafts session with their Pre-K & KG Classes.

After the readings I received a wonderful email from Ms. Meg about her KG class who for social studies covered “Stories around the world”. The children chose their favorite story from around the world and drew their favorite scene. Four of the children chose my book and their artwork just blew me away.

The feedback from kids, parents and teachers I have received has motivated me to focus on getting my next project going! Keep an eye-out for an announcement after the summer regarding the next book.

In stock

On the sales front we have been doing so well, my book is available at Words bookshop in Budaiya, Virgin megastore in City Center in addition to Al-osra supermarket branches on the Island. I’m also excited to announce that Little Island Big Fort is now sold in Saudi Arabia!

Looking forward

By the end of this year I hope that I will be on track for releasing my next book in 2018. I hope to keep working on my doodling and journaling as I find them to be a great support system for my writing and creative projects.

It is always important for me to find new experiences. So I’m happy to say I have some very cool things lined up this summer. First I will be starting the Steve Martin comedy masterclass this week. Followed by my first trip to Comic-con in the end of July. I can’t wait to share both experiences with you and hopefully come back with some new ideas.

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