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Keep cool this summer in the city

July 23, 2015


New York is an amazing city, despite the sheer scale of this sprawling metropolis, it always surprises me how at home I feel when I visit.

It can seem a bit daunting to visit with kids in the summer when the aroma of the city can be lethal and the weather is as hot as it is humid, but there is plenty to do in the big apple.

The parks

Central Park is great for kids, you could just let them run wild and play but there is plenty on offer besides green grass and playgrounds. There’s an amusement park with plenty of fun rides and events like the children’s marionette theatre. The NYC Zoo is also a fantastic place to visit, you could spend a week in NY just visiting Central Park and have fun things to see and do.

Prospect park is another great destination with plenty of playgrounds, a zoo of its own and a a skating rink of the roller variety in the summer! You can also rent bikes and take in the sights or even go fishing in one of NYCs most popular fishing spots.

The museums
The natural history museum is a great spot to go to if you have kids ages 3+ there is so much to see and it’s a great indoor destination for the occasional rainy summer day. Rain or shine the natural history musem won’t dissapoint, for those very hot days the roof of the museum has a sprinkler splash area for kids to play in and is surrounded by grass and benches for the parents to lounge on.

Lunch tip: There is a shake shack across the street from the museum.

If your minions are 1-8 years old the children’s museum is a super fun place to visit. There are plenty of interactive features and the museum is divided into age appropriate exhibits.

Let’s shop!

Stuck on 5th avenue with your 5 year old? Don’t panic the first place to visit would be the Rockefeller center, head right to the top of the rock for some nice views of the city. Next stop Times Square, this tourist trap is always fun for kids, there are plenty of candy stores and family friendly dining options but the jewel in the crown is ToysRus Times Square, trust me just go and get it over with, quickly. If you are window shopping on 5th ave and your kid looks ready to throw a I’m bored and I don’t want to be here tantrum head directly to momofuku milk bar for some delicious treats like their world famous crack pie and the retro milk and cornflake ice cream!


The area between the Manhattan and Brooklyn bridge is filled with fun activities for kids. Brooklyn bridge park’s Main Street playground has a nautical themed play area for your little pirates to play and enjoy the pirate’s life. For those very hot days you can take the kids for a splash of fun at the Brooklyn bridge park’s pier 2 pop up pool. The pier 6 playground also has a water feature, but has much more to offer with slide mountain, swing valley and sandbox village. It’s a great place for kids of all ages. There are always plenty of fun events like concerts and outdoor movie screening going on at Brooklyn bridge park.

Snack tip: Almondine bakery and Grimaldi’s are great places to pick up desert in the area.
Hope you have fun with your family if you plan to visit NYC this summer, and let me know what are your favorite things to do and places to visit with kids.

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