Ramadan Fashion

June 20, 2015

Dressing up for Ramadan night outs can be really fun. It’s a chance to embrace tradition and challenge yourself to add a modern twist to your outfit to keep things fresh!

Earlier this year I visited Kuwait and the very famous Al Kattan bisht shop in Souk Al Mubarkiya. The bisht is a very formal sheer open Kaftan that is worn over a dress. It is also traditionally menswear but lately many tailors and designers have been offering both colorful and shorter designs for ladies.

Since I am embracing orange as my new go to color in 2015 I decided to purchase a beautiful burnt orange Bisht. When I returned to Bahrain I contacted the talented Lalla Eman  a Bahraini designer who’s kaftans have a Moroccan flair, to design an off-white sleeveless kaftan with gold embroidery to be worn with the Bisht.


This was the final result I paired the ensemble with a Celine Python box bag in orange and gold Saint Laurent pumps.

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