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Empty quarter

January 2, 2016

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It’s been about a quarter of a year since my last post, it may be a new year but I still have the same projects on my docket.

I am really close to having the pop-up book completed as well as coming to the conclusion of an amazing 4 month writing course.

It may have been a slow quarter for change but by no means has it been slow in terms of productivity, so this is the perfect time to write down my resolutions and think about the direction I would like to take in 2016.

  1. Finish printing and start distribution of my Children’s pop-up adventure.
  2. Capture 20 new images (keepers) for my palm tree project.
  3. Continue writing my fantasy novel.
  4. Travel to 2 new countries.
  5. Read 7 new (to me) authors.
  6. Read 4 writing craft books.
  7. Buy & devour 5 new photography books.

Hope 2016 is a productive year for everyone, what are your resolutions?

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