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Writing exercise : royal court.

September 18, 2017

Marwan is a magnificent wizard, he is the most powerful magician in the kingdom of Mani. Like most respectable wizards Marwan sports a giant beard, it extends the width of his face past his neck to rest on his chest. He dresses in purple from head to ankle but his shoes are always brown. Marwan is always accompanied by his cat Mini. Mini is an assistant of sort, often helping Marwan on his exploits. If it were not for Mini, Marwan would have met his demise long ago. Unbenkownst to most people, including the wizard himself, Marwan suffers from narcolpesy, often falling asleep at the most inoppurtune times.

Prince Khalid is a tall dark and very handsome member of the Al’Mani royal family. He is an accomplished swordsman and archer. Fluent in five languages and with rudementary knowledge of 3 others. He is well travelled, well read and a member of His Royal Majesty King Noa’man’s Council of advisors. He is also the most destructive force to hit the king’s court since the red plague. Since his appointment there have been 4 beheadings, 6 dissappearances, and 8 divorces in the royal court, the latter the highest figure ever recorded. Prince Khalid delights in making members of the royal court look very stupid in front of their peers and especially in front of his majesty. He spends a disproprtionate time playing with dolls in his private quarters to sharpen his skills of plotting and humiliating others.

Rayna’s pickled plums were King Noa’mans favorite treat. Her cooking skills were renowned all through the continent, for she was the creator of the Fetafrank and the Gobletcake, the two most popular foods in the kingdom. Rayna’s specialty were appetizers and dessert and she would tirelessly work on creating the best presentation for her culinary creations. Her skill in the kitchen however did not match the fear she had for germs. Rayna spends 3 hours everymorning inspecting her kitchen for dust, mud and other foreign enemy combatants. She once firebombed the cutting board because she mistook a slither of avacado skin for a worm.

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